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Designing ‘things’ is all about understanding. Only when we truly understand what thing we are designing, designers can make sure the thing offers a functioning holistic experience. Data is a fundamental driver of modern services and policies, but the process of recording and using data is often disconnected from the design process — leading to uninformed design decisions and poor experiences. This article shares some insights on the differences between designing from data and designing with data and will give practical tips on how data can be understood and experimented with in the design process.

Data and the design process

Designing with real data means…

In this article I want to present a new design tool which helps to design, test and iterate web-based digital products at a much faster pace than traditional tools. By enabling you to prototype directly with your service, the tool allows you to understand your design space faster and to develop much stronger solutions.

The issue with isolated design tools

Over the last years I have worked with many complex interface systems, which are designed to offer a unique and personalized experience. With growing expectations to the user experience, it became harder and harder to design and test the experience with my design tools at hand…

This article is based on a keynote I first gave at the Service Design Network event “Designing for Change” in 2018. It has since then been revisited with more examples and updated links for a keynote at the Maersk design conference “Motivation Deconstructed” in 2020. The article is directed towards in-house design contributors and leaders, who want to maximise their impact inside an organisation. It is based on my professional experience and learnings from the last ten years.

Table of content

The potential of design — How to understand your current design maturity level — How to secure the buy-in for design…

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