How to raise the impact of design in your organisation

Table of content

The potential of design

“Design”, ca. 1960 (Mad Men, AMC)

Design Maturity measures the impact and overall value of design over time and throughout different areas of the business.

A survey of 2200 companies and how they rate design impact in their organisation.

How to understand your current design maturity level

In this example , you can see that the designers are highly trained, but their work is not making much impact on the business. Maybe the organisation is lacking support in character or empathy?
In this example, you can see that the company is having the right customer-focused empathy and character, but the designers are lacking training.

How to secure the buy-in for design

How to show the value of design for the first time

How to deliver continuous value with design

The three pillars of delivering continuous value
The Design Maturity Matrix also works as a benchmark for future efforts.

Lower the customer avoidance of your team members

Break down silos within the design discipline

Turn saboteurs into your allies

Eliminate uncertainty by measuring your output

Stop ignoring the impact of your designs on the world

Final thoughts



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